Top Things to Do and Visit in Beijing

Beijing is a modern and sprawling city in north China. Having served as the capital of the country for more than 800 years, Beijing is home to some of the finest remnants of China’s imperial past. The interest of visiting Beijing is on one side to explore its glorious past, and on another side to feel its modernity as well as an odd combination of the two.

Visit Beijing’s Top Tourists Attraction

Beijing attractions are second to none in China, with famous tourist spots of various types, historical, cultural, scenic and modern. The top sights are the sections of the Great Wall of China (Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Jiankou, and others), the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tian’anmen Square, and the Summer Palace.

Popular attractions in Beijing are listed below according to customer rating, with photos and descriptions. For more information, click on the attraction. See a full alphabetical list with ratings and entrance fees, or search by attraction category or name. Our Beijing Tours let you see the best of Beijing on tried-and-tested schedules.

Summer Palace    Temple of Heaven The Forbidden City    Tiananmen Square

Find the Best Souvenir Shops in Beijing

Beijing has several shopping districts offering a mind-boggling variety of goods. The traditional shopping districts have always been Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, Dongdan and Xidan Commercial Street, but now Jianguomen Outer Street and Chaowai Street have risen to the top in terms of having the latest and most luxurious items.

Shopping at outdoor markets remains a not-to-be-missed experience for foreign travelers. Check out Panjiayuan Collection Street, Xiushui Street, and Liulichang Street for local specialties such as cloisonné, ivory carvings, jade pieces, lacquer carvings, antiques, and fresh water pearls.

You can find good deals in markets around the Beijing on items like jade, pearls, tailor-made clothing or knock-off designer clothing and accessories. The most popular markets are the Silk Market (Silk Street), and Yashow clothing market, but as a result prices start much, much higher than at other markets like the Pearl Market (which sells much more than just pearls) or the Zoo Market.

Speaking of the Zoo Market, if you have a Chinese-speaking friend, this is where you’ll get the best deals. You can try it on your own, but it is much trickier as generally shop attendants do not speak English there.

Shop Vases

Eat the Most Popular Beijing Food

With the exception of Beijing’s best-known culinary export, Peking Duck, most of the city’s most famous dishes have been adopted from surrounding areas; Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang. Regardless of their origin, all of the following dishes are now fully ingrained in Beijing life and can be sampled at restaurants throughout the city.


Enjoy the Festivals in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China, is also the cultural center of the country. This means that there are a wide variety of festivals in different categories held in Beijing every year.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Festival to Attend in Beijing.

Date Festival
January 1 – February 28, 2017 The Bird’s Nest Ice and Snow Festival
January 15 – February 29, 2017 Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival
January 28, 2017 Chinese New Year
TBC April, 2017 International Long-Distance Running Festival
May 20, 2017 Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon
May 30, 2017 Dragon Boat Festival
October 1–7, 2016 Golden Week
Throughout October, 2016 Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Throughout October, 2016 Red Leaf Festival at Fragrant Hill
December 25, 2016 Christmas in Beijing

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